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Our “Electronic Master Distiller“ is a unique concept worldwide to manufacture spirits. Grapes, fruits and fruits residues of all kinds can be used to distil Brandy and Schnaps of the highest quality. With the Electronic Master Distiller it is possible to manufacture distillates of the highest quality with little effort and little special knowledge. Even for beginners! The automated distillery can be easily integrated into an existing brewery. It is then possible to use beer or waste beer to distil Beer Brandy or use beer mash to distil Whisky. Gin, Vodka, authentic artisan Schnaps and any Product with a unique flavor profile can be crafted. All the necessary processes are automatically carried out and monitored.

Lightstones turn the distilling unit into an eye-catcher and can be used for special occasions or Showcases.

Efficiency and effectiveness are most important to economic feasibility. With a short period of amortisation, the distillation unit makes it possible to break even quickly and make profits. Products that were not utilized before and were mostly thrown away (surpluses of fruit, press residues, unsaleable beer or wine) can now become additional sources of income for the producer.

On average, the amortisation period for the distillery is within 24 months. A well-planned capacity utilisation reduces the amortisation time of the distillation plant. Please give us some more details that we can contact you regarding your individual solution:

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Austrian Beverage Technology Systems has gained experience in the field of plant engineering and distillery for over two decades. The Electronic Master Distiller is unique in the world and has been developed over recent years in order to provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to refine residual stocks or committees without any special knowledge. ABTS stands for the highest quality in both plant engineering and the manufacturing of distillates, a short amortisation period, transparent costs, reliability and trust.


High quality distillation for every man and woman, highly efficient distillery unit that is easily operated with the Electronic Master Distiller. Choosing a program and pressing the start button, the electronic distiller master can be used for various distilled liquors made from fruit. All beers can be refined to Beer Brandy, mash to Whisky, and Gin can also be distilled.


Distillery and Brewery

The intelligent brewery unit with industrial operation Control guarantees the highest brewing comfort. The craft brewery is easy to handle and has maximum automation.


Special Edition

Lightstones are perfect to turn your distillery or brewery into an eye-catcher.