Highly efficient distillery

High quality distillation for every man and woman, highly efficient distillery unit that is easily operated with the Electronic Master Distiller. Choosing a program and pressing the start button, the Electronic Master Distiller can be used for various distilled Spirits made of fruits. All beers can be refined to Beer Brandy, mash to Whisky, and Gin can also be distilled.

Production of highest distillation quality

Minimal effort in time and labour

Easy to operate, perfect for beginners

Processes that save energy and resources

Multifunctional distilling unit for various kinds of liquors

The Electronic Master Distiller carries out automatically all operating processes from mashing onwards, monitors and operates the whole process of distillation until the last drop of distilled liquor. Each distillation starts at that push of a button. Finishing the distillation, flushing, cleaning and – if requested – refilling and restarting the distillation process are operated by the Electronic Master Distiller.

From the mash to the cask

We offer all services as far as the completed product. Filled into your own cask, branded with your own logo and name, a unique present. We manufacture and produce customized Brandies, Schnaps and Spirits. Find the right package and the right label.